A well-known professor of literature in TW who wrote this calligraphy for me and he gave me a truly advice: 「One day…if you meet someone and love at first sight, you better quickly to RUN away as far as you could~」Ha-ha-ha…honestly speaking, I ran for 25 years already…XD…

Name of Novel Vol.I : “chian-nian-zhi-yin” (pronunciation)

When the time came, a lot poems coming out from my mind with no reason. How did I feel while writing this poem (4-sentences)? I was born for love. I came to this world alone, and one day I will leave alone again. Carve your soul in my liver like a poison…Everything I do is just for love…my unspeakable true love~

My unspeakable true love: Jiang-chalawen.

層層 疊疊 憶相扣

Tseng-tseng  die-die  yi-shiang-kou ((Pronunciation))

It means: Layers of memory stock up & are intertwined in my mind.

綠葉 紛黃 常相守

Lu-ye  fen-huang  chang-shiang-shou

New leaves turn green to yellow nearly to death that is always together forever as a life cycle.

幽幽 林蔭 覓佳偶

You-you  lin-yin  mi-jia-ou

I am desperately looking for a beauty in the dark forest.

回首 來徑 莫成愁

Hui-shou  lai-jing  mo-cheng-chou

It’s my decision to walk a long distance alone with no regret after all, even for the rest of my life still being alone.

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