I used to dream of owning a rock castle in Vancouver, Canada. In 2013, I again visited a small town called Hope, which brought me a flexible ideal if I could buy a piece of land with a huge forest.

I know some architects and hope that one day I can build a castle to my own design. Its material had to be rock to prevent drastic changes in climate and unexpected natural disasters. Reserve a purified forest for those who need a safe rest and recharge their bravery. I guess my brainwave has gone too far…XD…


Pron.: (( Fen-fei-de-ji-yi ))

It means: Confused images swirling around with scattered memories,


(( Yi-duan-duan-jiu-li ))

Like an excerpt from a distance between lives.


(( La-gong-shiuan-shou-chi ))

When I pull the bow and start a mysterious life,


(( Wo-jian-huei-bu-chi ))

Hold the sword and never let go.


(( Tie-han-leng-shiue-di ))

Iron man ruthless blood drops never pain,


(( Shang-hen-lei-lei-ji ))

Body was full of accumulated scars by every war.


(( Ling-jiun-cheng-dau-di ))

As a warrior, you must end wars in a positive way.


(( Jhan-ma-liang-shiang-yi ))

From ancient times, war and horse were always stick together for a destiny.

Written by JCLee © All Rights Reserved.

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