Since the May C-19 alert, I have been at home for 6 months. After the first dose of BNT on October 30th, I participated in the Art Fair held in Taipei City on November 13th. The next morning, I got floaters on my right eye. I do not know what to say…I usually don’t use cellphone at daytime and also not an addict for 3C. BUT…it happens…


Chien-shr-jin-shen  ((pronunciation))

It means: The present life calls out the soul of the past



The soul is self-mumbling and nightmare leads to its world



Deep or shallow fate is my destiny



Seems have met somewhere in time



If we fall in love again



Will we create tragic one more time?



May be it’s better to cut off the love thread



Never meet each other again forever…Reincarnation just like a curse~

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