Poetry -11-

Meet the throbbing moment…never forget the love deep inside your heart~

Dragon Queen
What a familiar figure
Close my eyes, I can easily sense where he is.
What a familiar voice
Characterful and powerful, his accent is loud enough to catch my attention.

I'm afraid to remember someone so dramatically.
I have never seen him, but have such unforgettable memories.

Who is the one who caused the heartache defect?
Who is the one who triggers the traumatic imprint?
The voice enters the bottom of my throat, who is it?
Every word pierces my heart, who is it?

My anxiety, my thoughts are churning, I want a quick escape.
I feel my heart racing, I can't breathe, I almost suffocate.

What a creepy atmosphere
Pause for a while, the space is full of snatch battles.
What an incomprehensible idea
My head is empty, my heart is closed in an instant, I can't extricate myself.

Very disgusted with this predicament.
Impermanence sighs so clear love and hate.

Uncomfortable, my inside blood running everywhere.
Difficulty breathing, rapid oxidative dispersion in cells.
My heart hurts, my liver and intestines are peeling off.
My heart is broken, my soul is torn apart...

I miss the ancient times so badly.
I endure those lusts indifferently.

What a pathetic reasoning.
What a disturbing thought.
All because of the past
Once I loved you deeply...

-Written by JCLee-
When you meet someone who strikes you strongly at first sight, that’s the person you’re looking for.

Artwork by JCLee & All Rights Reserved.

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