Poetry -10-

I like to paint with pastels. Because I can apply color to wipe or spread with my fingertips and touch each unique-surface sheet of paper. To feel the sharpness or burning gradually coming from my fingers and to sense the art of love…


(( Kuo-chiu-de-ji-yi-bu-tseng-mo-mie ))

It means: Memories of the past are never erased,


(( Kuo-chiu-de-ai-yi-bu-tseng-shiau-tuei ))

The love of the past never fades away.


(( Jin-rih-de-jiou-ren-yi-jiou-tsuen-tsai ))

The reborn lover still exists,


(( Jin-rih-de-ching-gung-yi-si-ke-jian ))

I can still sense and feel your love today.


(( Wei-lai-de-bai-hua-jiou-suan-bu-kai ))

Even if the flowers of the future do not bloom,


(( Wei-lai-de-shan-lin-jiou-suan-bu-tsai ))

Even if the mountains and forests of the future are gone.


(( Tseng-jing-de-ai-jian-gu-er-yung-tsai ))

Our love that used to be strong and forever,


(( Tseng-jing-de-ni-te-bie-chie-jr-ai ))

You used to be special and I loved the most always.

Written by JCLee © 2022 All Rights Reserved.

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