Life is full of surprises…just like puzzles…

In 2015, my health was near death after visiting Chengdu, China. My eyes were full of blood and something mysterious happened, so I cut short the trip and flew back to Taiwan quickly. A team of Taipei Dr. couldn’t figure out what was going on in my body with 4-time severe hemorrhagic stroke and following 5 years of altitude sickness.

After meeting with a certified soul-healer in Taiwan, all those symptoms disappeared and normal health returned. I started writing poems frequently with no reason and even created songs in few minutes incredibly. I read all books written by Dr. Brian Weiss and met with professors to discuss about. Going through the hardships from absurd denial to calmly accept it all …While finished my Vol. 1:〈千年之印 A thousand years of love〉 I found only one book related to my novel, but only the German version of “Jin-Cheng Prinzessin”…further steps, I start to study Gene

I hope one day…I can find a few westerners who can cooperate to translate my Traditional Mandarin version into your language. Spread love and peace around the world forever and never repeat the history of war. All glory to God…and thanks for saving my life during the hardships.

Never forget : Everyone comes to this world just for LOVE。

青龍護姬展神威】Edited by Dragon-Queen ®

Poem’s Title: (( Ching-lung-hu-ji-jhan-shen-wei ))  

It means: Dragon protects Queen to exhibit divine power for his only first love.

不甘願的執念   使我心浮氣躁

((Bu-gan-yuan-de-jr-nien))  ((Shr-wo-shin-fu-chi-tzau))

The unwillingness to accept the truth, the obsession with love drives me crazy and impatient.

不料天意安排   讓我心如刀割

((Bu-liao-tien-yi-an-pai))   ((Rang-wo-shin-ru-dau-ke))

Unexpected arrangement by the God, like a sharp knife is cutting my heart.

難道是妳寒心失意地放下   選擇不再愛

((Nan-dau-shr-ni-han-shin-shr-yi-de-fang-shia ))   ((Syuan-tze-bu-tsai-ai ))

Could it be that you were disappointed and let it go completely, choose no more love and hurt?!

一次機遇都不要    一次因緣也不給

((Yi-tzu-ji-yu-dou-bu-yau ))   ((Yi-tzu-yin-yuan-yeh-bu-gei ))

Never give an opportunity, don’t even give a chance to meet.


((Wei-ni-jr-gu-tsai-tseng-tseng-die-die-de-leng-mo-shia ))  

For you, I am locked under the shackles of layers of indifference.


((Tsou-ran-ting-jr-le-hu-shi… )) 

Suddenly, I stopped breathing…

無意間的思念   妳點燃我的夜

((Wu-yi-jian-de-sih-nian ))   ((Ni-dian-ran-wo-de-yeh ))

I miss you unintentionally, you light up my night.

無奈何的嘆息   妳喚醒我的眼

((Wu-nai-ho-de-tan-shi ))   ((Ni-huan-shing-wo-de-yen ))

Helpless and sigh, you wake up my eyes.

是否妳已憶起千年之愛戀   化作水滴憐

((Shr-fo-ni-yi-yi-chi-chien-nien-jr-ai-lien ))   ((Hua-tzuo-shuei-di-lien ))

Have you remembered a thousand years of love and turned it into a drop of pity?

一次久逢的甘霖   一次七彩的巨變

((Yi-tzu-jiou-fong-de-gan-lin ))   ((Yi-tzu-chi-tsai-de-jiu-bian ))

A long-awaited rain, a tremendous colorful change of the rainbow.


((Wei-ni-jiue-jr-tzai-hau-hau-dang-dang-de-shan-lin-jian ))

Awareness for you in the mighty mountains and forests.


((Pong-ran-shin-dong-chi-yi-nien )) 

A breath of heart-pounding thought went through my throat incredibly…


((Tsuo-shr-de-guo-chu-bu-tzai-liou-lien )) 

The lost past is no longer lingering.


((Yu-jr-de-wei-lai-yeh-hsu-shang-yen ))  

The foreseeable future may play out.


((Jiou-suan-gu-shen-yi-ren-yeh-yau-dian-huo-fen-jhan ))  

Even if I were alone, I would be brave to fight.


((Jiou-suan-tzai-shr-chiu-ni-yeh-yau-ji-jiu-guang-dian )) 

Even if I lose you again, I will gather the global lights one more time.


((Ming-li-yu-chian-wan-ge-ji-huei )) 

There are thousands of opportunities for fame and fortune.


((Wei-ai-jin-jr-yi-mai-shiang-lien )) 

Only love is only connected with the soul in one vein…。

Saxophone Music Edition

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