In old saying, as to a supernatural being, the highest level of practice of learning to be a human being is LOVE. Because immortal spirits are omnipotent, they know very well only lack of ability is: LOVE. Why? Love can be a powerful tool, but it can also destroy everything. If do NOT carefully treat it well, they won’t be able to go back nine heavens and keep deporting down to this hell of world for training…However, you are still free to make your own choice.

Well, don’t play your role too seriously. Are you ready to challenge my song? Training yourself for learning more?! Haha…just singing in the shower, no one would laugh at you~^^~Please enjoy the melody…

情喃緣   交錯愛痕難清泉

Pronunciation: (( ching-nan-yuan )) ((jiao-tsuo-ai-hen-nan-ching-chiuan))

Its meaning: Feeling is muttering its fate,like staggered love is hard to be clear from the flowing spring water。

境難圓   生死相許心願

((jing-nan-yuan)) ((sheng-sz-shiang-hsu-hsin-yuan))

Love and reality are not easy to be existed and perfect together,we promise each other’s wish for life and death.

縛之繭   恨纏綿   痴心妄想為執念

((fu-jr-jian)) ((hen-chan-mian)) ((chih-sin-wang-siang-wei-jr-nian))

Bondage myself like a cocoon, lingering hatred, wishful thinking for my obsession.

抱著怨   撐持世世相見

((bao-ju-yuan)) ((cheng-chih-shih-shih-hsiang-chien))

Holding grievances, supporting reunion of reincarnation and wish to see you again.

思迷戀   醉意慾海如渦旋

((sih-mi-lien)) ((tsui-yi-yu-hai-ru-wo-hsuan))

Missing and obsessed love,emotional desire as a drunker like the sea swallow whirlpools.

徹難眠   幻影潮似夢魘

((che-nan-mien)) ((huan-ying-chao-sih-mong-yan))

Too hard to sleep, unreal images keep appearing like nightmares to me.

靈如燕   穿林間   朱雀羽化竄雲煙

((ling-ru-yen))  ((chuan-lin-jian))  ((chu-chiue-yu-hua-tsuan-yun-yen))

Your soul flies like a swallow and passing through the forest, it’s turning a phoenix into the cloud then vanished.

情難圓   奈何嘆息不見

((ching-nan-yuan))  ((nai-ho-tan-shi-bu-jian))

Love can’t come true and helplessly I can’t see you in real.

喚醒眼   催人憐   青龍護衛九重天

((huan-shing-yen)) ((tsuei-ren-lien)) ((ching-lung-hu-wei-chiu-chung-tien))

Your whispers awake my eyes and urge others to pity, my soul turning up like a Green-Dragon to protect you through the nine heavens.

初雪巔   光霧現   赤嶺掀   岸分辨

((chu-shiue-dian)) ((guang-wu-shian)) ((chr-ling-shian)) ((an-fen-bian))

First snow appears on the top of mountain, light shines through the fog, I recall the War of Chiling Mt. and our territories already clear divided into two countries.

妳我間   情難圓   注定城脈相連

((ni-wo-jian)) ((ching-nan-yuan)) ((ju-ding-cheng-mai-shiang-lian))

You and I can’t get around, the destiny is the same, and our kingdoms are always connected.

境難緣   冷漠割喉如劍

((jing-nan-yuan)) ((leng-mo-ge-hou-ru-jian))

I know the hardship of our love; however, your heartless reaction is like a sword that cutting my throat.

心暗戀   嗔癡言   繁複輪迴難成願

((sin-an-lian)) ((chen-chr-yen)) ((fan-fu-lun-hui-nan-cheng-yuan))

My heart loves you secretly, irritable silly words, complicated reincarnation can hardly realize my desire to admire you.

守著籤   頻思念   意難斷  魂夢牽

((shou-ju-chian)) ((pin-sih-nian)) ((yi-nan-duan)) ((huen-mong-chian))

Keeping the sign of poems, thinking about our past frequently, dreaming leads my soul and I can’t stop loving you.

妳我間   境難圓   擦身過如雲煙

((ni-wo-jian)) ((jing-nan-yuan)) ((tsa-shen-guo-ru-yun-yen))

You and I still can’t get reunion and real-life environment doesn’t allow, we passed by each other like strangers over and over again.

塵世緣   炙熱如落深淵

((chen-shih-yuan)) ((jr-re-ru-lo-shen-yuan))

The fate of the world is as fierce hot as falling to hell.

情難斷   愛待天意成全

((ching-nan-duan)) ((ai-dai-tian-yi-cheng-chiuan))

I can’t let go of my love; I pray that God will give me another chance to love you with all my heart.

Copyright by JCLee © Music Album

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