Poetry -5-

Chapter 1 describes the war…(Vol. I of the novel…)
Sometimes, your genes are engraved with unforgettable memories that you never knew existed. Just like the poems embossed in your souls…

濛霧濕漉漉  樹鬚雨淋淋

((mong-wu-shi-lu-lu))  ((shu-shih-yu-ling-ling))

It means: On a heavy rain afternoon, it was foggy and the humidity was high; the respiratory roots of the entire banyan tree were drooping due to rainfall.

吻仔糙米粥  清滑蠱嚨肌

((wen-chai-chao-me-chou))  ((ching-hua-ku-lung-ji))

Brown rice porridge cooked with whitebait smoothed the King’s poisoned throat.

滴滴答答聲  萬馬起奔騰

((di-di-da-da-sheng))  ((wan-ma-qi-ben-teng))

The sound of ticking repeated constantly, like ten thousand horses starting to run anxiously.

御駕親征駛  玄插一輪針

((yu-jia-qing-zheng-shih))  ((shuan-cha-yi-ren-jhen))

The king led the crowd to prepare to set off, and a spirit arrow shot on the wheel of fortune that seemed to pursuing their ultimate destiny.

Vol.I novel’s Poetry writer JCLee © All Rights Reserved.

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