Poetry -6-

At the beginning of Vol-1, I wrote the poem as follows…
On the about page, I describe my hesitation for 5 years before publishing this first volume of the novel. I hope it’s just because of my imagination and fantasy…but…when the time comes, history will repeat itself. Awaken your mercy...Happy Women’s Day~


(( Shuang-yu-huei-shiuan-yu-yin-yang-liang-di ))

Pisces revolves around the Yin and Yang,


(( Tan-lang-wei-Juang-yu-fan-jian-chuan-chi ))

Greedy Wolf disguised as a mortal legend,


(( Ching-lung-ao-shiang-yu-tian-di-jr-ji ))

When the Jade dragon flying in the sky,


(( Shen-ji-sheng-jiang-yu-luan-shr-tai-ji ))

The Dragon-Queen came to the chaotic world for Tai-Ji.

*Tai-Ji: starting from zero. A well-rounded nature cycles.

MV: 92 seconds

JCLee © All Rights Reserved.

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