April 5th…The origin of Qingming Festival is said to have originated from the “tomb sacrifice” ceremony of ancient emperors and generals. People follow rituals and specific days to remember family ancients…In memory of deceased family members…

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(( Yang-wang-yun-tian-chiou-ching-bai ))

It means: Looking up to the sky and beg for innocence.


(( Chien-shr-bu-yun-hou-shr-tsai ))

No justice in the past life, until the next life.


(( Ning-shr-tsang-liang-chr-ju-tzai ))

Staring at the desolate pond and bamboo, the scenes are the same as before.


(( Jin-sheng-hai-bau-fu-yun-tzai))

Bring back the great wealth and blessings of this life…thank God if it meant to be a miracle.

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