Pronunciation: (( Fong-hong-diao-lao-ru-sin-jing ))

Meaning: Watching the maple leaves fall, it’s like my mood has fallen to the bottom.


(( Wu-yi-du-hua-chung-sheng-yuan ))

I don’t want to measure everyone’s fate with me, because it is too difficult to cater to everyone’s wishes.


(( Pan-wang-shen-yin-zih-tsao-lai ))

I am looking forward to the Year of the Rabbit in 2023, which will be the year when my life value will be reborn, and it will allow me to retire next year.


(( Cheng-long-fan-jia-wang-ren-chien ))

I hope that in the Year of the Dragon in 2024, I will return to Canada with the guardian figure of the Dragon King, and forget all the fate with the Central Plains in my previous life. 30 years of contribution in Asia is long enough for me…

For the past first 6 months, I have been handling the investigation of criminal cases and civil lawsuits of fraudulent groups for my relatives (as victims). Victims keep asking themselves: “We’re smart, but why are we being lied to by someone we trust and love?”

I’m not a lawyer, but I’ve learned a lot about the law from my family’s events. The length of time is always the most torturous factor, because we can’t predict the villains involved, and what tricks will appear to delay the day when the truth is revealed.

Most human beings usually have the habit of evading responsibility when encountering man-made accidents. If the parties involved make a wrong judgment at the beginning, the subsequent actions will also be illegal or a false legal contract that cannot be established.

If we are the group of problem solvers, when we face a crisis, how much experience and ability do we have accumulated in the past, are we able to face crisis and respond rationally?!

It never occurred to me that my ability to write novels would be used in petitions to government agencies and large private enterprises to make suggestions for reforming their flawed systems and products. And these influences will be a way for the people to drive away evil forces and seek more peaceful and happy days in troubled times.

There is a lawyer in a drama who said that: “The world will become unjust and immoral, just because good people stay out of it, and don’t want to help…” This is a sentence that hits the heart and soul for me, especially the most ironic sentence to Dynasty Warriors, it really awakens the conscience of human nature.

I believe that many people will encounter good or bad bosses or colleagues in the workplace, just like the historical battles in the game, leaders with broad vision will cherish talented subordinates, but entrepreneurs with greed and ambition, once selfish seeing differences and thinking about changing will also habitually raise unscrupulous employees and do things that damage the foundation.

I hope that everyone can take a good look at your own life circles, whether you are setting a bad example or deceiving others to do things that are unreasonable. Think about the original intention of everything we do, and don’t let our good intentions be obscured by the cumbersome and troublesome process, and become an unmanageable farce of life and regret for life.

May GOD bless U all~

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