Pure like animals.

IP Story

This is my IP brand-name. Combining the four words together means to me: two souls struggle together in one body, such as the dragon (=male) and the phoenix (=female), in order to find a peaceful and compromised balance. Men are likened to the sun and women are likened to the moon. Everything has a light and a dark side, and so do people.


」: chao (pronunciation)

It means: The place where the king listened to politics and performed affairs in the old days.

」: dai

A certain period of history or a period of time of country (as if a dynasty being replaced & becoming a new nation)

」: shen

Its meaning of mysterious and extraordinary.

The creator and ruler of the universe and everything is called “God”;
the sage or elves after the death of the person they worship are also called “gods”.

」: ji

The general call for concubine in ancient times, to call for women beautifully.

潔希李」: sounds like JCLee. Tang dynasty was dominated by LEE family.

means Pure」&「 means Hope」~「Jessie also means God loves the most」。

It is not difficult to learn Mandarin with traditional characteristics, each single word appears in the form of hieroglyphs (pictogram) and acquires its meaningful visual shape. Two 5-mins speeches by a Taiwanese girl may explain in a better way for your understanding & please enjoy for learning fun~

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