Create my own storyboard…

Recently, my nephew and I started playing then studying Switch game of Dynasty-Warriors Vol.7 Xtreme Legends and Vol.8 Empires. Its software created by Japanese but historical stories actually from the mainland China of Eastern world.

In Taiwan, we maintain the traditional Chinese culture even to protect the oldest language feature in each word. I do NOT use simplified C-text because it does not make any sense to its creation of Oracle. From now on, I believe that you will know the difference gradually while Taiwan stands out as the oldest warriors. Many talents reborn in Formosa and ready to fight back for freedom and democracy. Conflict is always there and never ends……

We need to learn the best skills and knowledge behind every history. We need to develop the best resources by exploring the geography of every country. We need pure ethics to work with the planet to create the best possible future for humanity. For better cooperation, not separation and no longer any war…I wish…

I found the English version of DW animation, these remind me when I was a student…more than 5,000 years of history I had to study… so tired~”~… In the future, I hope to create something different, a more educational approach to works and a real life. Enjoy the CG movies below…

Story of Wei Dynasty

Story of Jin Dynasty

Story of Shu Dynasty

Story of Wu Dynasty

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