Perhaps, there is no way to avoid karma or ancient genes, but we can start to have room for improvement, one step at a time, for better or worse…


On date of Oct/21/2022, I sent a parcel via express courier to a fortune teller I met 27 years ago. She is a very kind person and told me that seeing her once in my lifetime is enough. Until now, I still do not know what her real name is. In 1995’, she requested me a favor that:

You should be a well-known pianist now (I denied)if you become a musician one day and proving who you are, remember to feedback a wedding cake to thank the God of Warrior!…. bla bla bla…

As far as I can remember, I came back to Taiwan from Canada for the first time after immigration. And, my family and I happened to meet the spokesperson of the God Warrior by accident. During that time, I had absolutely no idea what she was talking about, wondering why it must be a wedding cake? ? ! However, the name of an overlooked princess come to my mind, but I hoped it’s not true and I didn’t want it either. Frankly speaking, I don’t like “karma” saying, it’s sort of the stress of tightening up one’s life without freedom.

Incredibly, her prediction was correct. Also, 20 years later, another two soul healers told me two ongoing secret stories. They have something to do with previous predictions and ongoing mysteries of present and novel Vol.I. Due to my friend’s curiosity, I coincidentally met other six predictors, all telling me the same story but with different episodes, which made me gradually collecting pieces together. I made a promise to God in December 2021 that if the hotel closes, then Vol. II would be continued…I will tell you through novels that how generous people are meant to me from all over the world, especially the country of Canada & Germany…

Music CD become a different form of wedding-cake…

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