Contest N Prizes

Two of the largest writing competitions held in Taiwan and Canada…(different platforms)

Wattpad’s from Toronto CANADA :

Submissions opening on 7/22…in 9-language. Check it out, if your language were on the lists…

For Asian contest below: limitation of languages were only in Traditional C-text & Simplified form. I just submitted 2-short story to KadoKado, TW.

KadoKado Taiwan (one of Kadokawa Group from Japan) was established in 1999′ and specialized in media of “Novel/Comic/Animation & films”.

Submissions are accepted from June 1 to September 30. And join as a member to withdraw 4 free tickets/per day to vote for your favorite writers. As a reader member, you can enter games to win PRIZES biweekly. Such as: iPad mini, Nintendo Switch…3C gifts, etc.

I did not find English-edition from the website BUT you could learn to join member and log in easily. Just follow-up the left color-chart :【會員-Member】/hui-yuan/【投票-Vote】/tou-piao/。

VOTE~VOTE~VOTE…keep practice everyday to win prizes until Oct.

***Great! U learn 2 more Asian words and know how to read~***

At VOTE link page & Searching 1st eBook ID: 5839First love on the window frame
At VOTE link page & Searching 2nd-eBook ID: 6200My AI-Lover

Have a nice weekend and Good Luck to all of U~Keep staying Healthy~

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