In Asia, there is a fairy tale that “The ancient God of the Vampire who’s named Han-Ba”. She represents Phoenix and Vulcan. Also, a southern sign associated with fire.


The Marquis of Bloody Dr.

2021/Jan/01 Short story written by JCLee

Fresh blood slowly flowed into Ens Marquesan’s body, and the grunting sound was like a thirsty drum noise, revitalizing the blood vessels that were about to harden. The gradually raised skin is as thin as rice paper, and blood can still be seen flowing, and the grayish-yellow muscles are thinned. The face is sprayed with pinky color like the delicate whitening of a newborn baby, and the aged fine lines are quickly smoothed.

When the last circulation path returned to the heart blood vessels, a deep breath was squeezing out from Ens’s lungs, the red blood cells supplied enough oxygen, and Ens’s brain began to slowly wake up. What a comfortable feeling, Ens has never experienced it again for hundreds of years. Ens felt so refreshed when he opened his eyes, the reddish pupils seemed to be brighter, and the natural hyaluronic acid moisturized the cornea, making the cornea clearer and even enhancing the ability to penetrate vision.

Ens was still obsessed with the feeling after the blood transfusion, and continued to lie on the bed, enjoying the thrill of waves of hot blood flowing in his body. Ens smiled involuntarily, stared at the blood bag, and also felt an inexplicable love …

Heh … Are you my lover? How can I feel the happiness of falling in love with blood?! If those guys saw it, I would definitely be laughed at to death!

Ens immediately put away his smile, got up and saw that there was no one around, so he leaned back on the pillow and reclined, waiting for the last drop of blood on the hook to be empty.

Ens patiently pulled the needle out of his arm, and all the atrophied muscles have been repaired. Only a few hours later, he has the appearance of a male god (meant Handsome), full of vigorous vitality, which can be said to be a very pleasing beau. Ens’s obsession with his own body, only he knew the secret, the other marquis didn’t know the inside story, but they thought Ens was very stubborn and guarded at all costs. It turned out that this living body was the human skin and flesh with blood that Ens previously made a wish for. It was a purely clean body he finally found when he was resurrected more than 900 years ago…a hidden love secret…

Click link EP-2- to be continued…

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