New Year Scroll (=Spring Festival Couplets) : Two lines of verse, usually in the same meter and joined by rhyme, that form a unit. Just like POEM~

At the end of every year, I will visit my teacher’s house for new year Couplets. Last year 2022′ was Tiger Year. This year of 2023′ is lunar Rabbit year.


Try to research and experiment, use metaphysical thinking, and persist in self-learning throughout your life. Only in real life can you have a process of continuous improvement and advancement, and finally reach the realm of life that does not exceed the rules. (Finding a right way & great path for yourself)

Hopefully, we can all have good luck as we welcome the Yu-tu Rabbit New Year.

Professor Tseng, Chao Hsu could be found in global library (WorldCat.org /USA) for all lists of books he wrote. I have been a follower for over 37 years and global students who eager for learning philosophy and love are also welcome.

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