3D Animation

When we enter this world, we tend to head towards Tiger Mountain, full of danger. A series of tests can not be blamed, we can only endure. Complicated situations light up the simple points, and troubles follow, which is also the spark that ignites awakening. Returning to the source is the beginning of choosing to break free from shackles and explore natural freedom.

It is not easy to enter the world of 3D animation at once, but we can get close to it step by step, towards the original dream we want to build. I painted a poster and wish oneday a dream comes true…for my novel~”A thousand years of Love“…


The links below are my favorite 3D animated series that are popular in Asia. I’m a fan of Sparkly Key Animation Studio. It was originally created by a Taiwanese who ran serveral high tech. companies. The leader also wrote fictions. Sadly, he passed away in 2003’…He left behind great achievements and should be proud of being a talent from Taiwan.

To share a list of its productions (find more in English edition/update later…):

Other 3D-productions from mainland: (Cat‘s love w/revenge story, cute & funny…)

If you were a leader, you should have the ability to embrace the world. More funs to read manga and English editions available from Webtoons. Enjoy~

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