Invitation of Bonaventure Alumni Association

Due to the declining birth rate in society, some schools have begun to seriously consider ending their education career or transforming their services into the community. Our high school is also facing a great change to transform in 2024′, and the graduates are deeply saddened by the news.

Therefore, we want to fulfill the last wish of the former principal, Sister Moxian Lee, and hold a warm Music Concert for the first time on 2023/Dec/09 Sat@2pm, so that the alumni can feel the reunion at home, cherish everything in the past, and look forward to the new future. The Music-Concert registration of deadline will be May/31.

We would like to CALL friends from all over the world, if you know any students who graduated from this high school, she is an alumnus of ST. Bonaventure Girls’ Senior High School from Taipei Taiwan, please convey this news to our schoolmates and find FB via above photo-link. The Alumni Preparatory Committee prays that everyone can join in the grand Event and continue to work hard for the society and the country where U love.

No matter where you live, or marry a foreigner, the alumni were once Bonaventure girls and will always be the BABY-treasures of the principal, teacher, and sister. We hope you are all doing well, and we also pray that the angels of God will continue to protect the safety and joy of the alumni.

May God bless U all and many thanks any of you have come to help~Stay Healthy~

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