Tricky Love

This May, is when I have the hardest time facing reality. My father had a minor stroke in Canada, and then my nephew in Taiwan tested positive (+) without being vaccinated. Long-covid for kids a hard time to go through and now Doctors here are worried about Gene. Fortunately, I’m still (-) fine and healthy to serve them either way. As a qualified health advisor, I have to take care of so many people around me that I don’t have time to complain.

Sometimes I feel helpless because of my lack of wisdom. But God was always there to help me open another window to set me free. I cannot deny that love is a moral enterprise, it is endless work. Just do my best and do what I can do…

Literature professor Tseng shares 7 essays on topic of Tricky-Love just now. I sorted them out and posted them on 101 Wise Talent. I’m not sure whether Translate-tool can do the best, let you understand, it’s not easy for ordinary people to read and catch the profound meaning even me. Eastern culture is as mysterious as poetry.

Give yourself a try…and stay healthy~Love U all~

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