Romance OR reality, I pay more attention to scientific logic. According to this subject, I would divide into three parts to analyze and share my medical experiences with all of you.

P1: Blood test for ancient root

P2: How this GENE result assist to your own health。(2nd study is going on free via National Taiwan University Hospital which plan’s named: Taiwan Precision Medicine Initiative (II)。Need to wait for a year。)

P3: Figure out your own talent and capability to fulfill yourself by tracking DNA。

Poetry-7 describes my health symptoms that sparked my curiosity about Gene. I prayed to God and a sign directed me to a Canadian Dr. George Leslie Mackay. I sent an email to MacKay Memorial Hospital Tamsui-Branch in 2018’ asking if their specialty DNA research would have a benefit budget to help outsiders get blood tests. The answer is yes, but I have to pay an additional copay. For Ex: Male test: about US$700. – Female Test: US$500.-

*Before doing the DNA test, I got a Health Advisor Certificate from National Taipei University.

Then, I went to the local Taipei Household Registration Office to check floppy information of my family tree. Surprisingly, my grandfather’s original surname was LIN. There was a mysterious single lady LEE from China who adopted my grandpa and left a property behind. I inherited a land while I reached the age of 18, which I didn’t discover it until I was 35 years old. The lady just vanished without any trace in the Registration Office. What’s even weirder is that my grandma was an orphan… the rumor of a 3-month baby and red-haired orphan!

Over the past 20 years, I’ve been unhappy why ascetic strangers kept telling me from time to time a lot of uncertain life trajectories…for example:

Your past life was in the north, and there was snow everywhere…

You must have something to do with Rome and Tibet…

Your ancient blood maybe in Europe…

You will marry to a foreigner…」

Before, I was a skeptical atheist. The more I deny, the sicker I get. I got tired of hearing all of those predictions; therefore, I started doing my own research in a scientific medical way. In final, this drawing map become my testing result…my ancient DNA fact…Easier to understand.

(1) My family root: represented by “N“。

(2) My parents passed 3-code: HLA-B2704 & HLA-B1527HLA-DRB1 also part of RA factors. Super allergic plus hypersensitive and cells alert all the time!! Good sign would become a leader or master in some way~”~

(3) Caucasian : Iran、Mongol、 Sinkiang 、 Tibet 、Korea、Japan。

The important point: Everyone came out from Africa!! We are global families~IoI~breaktime…

Relax and listen to Piano music edition~

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