The Legend of Sherwood Hotel Taipei

Fate seems to be a kind of destiny in the experience of life…”

Last month, I saw a TV news that the Sherwood Taipei Hotel would be closed after Valentine’s Day 2022 (2/15). So many memories came up my mind and touched my heart.

When the Sherwood Taipei Hotel opened in 1990, that year I just immigrated to Canada with my families. I knew nothing about the hotel until a private visit in 1995. During the Lunar New Year in 1995 back to Taiwan, I started to know its name: Sherwood. Before my first practical work of Pastry apprenticeship, there was actually a little story that encouraged my motivation to run into this F&B industry…

In 1992, I was stuck hanging back and forth between UBC University in Vancouver and VCC Community College, feeling very lost about the future of work. Although I have been immersed by the family-business environment since I was a child, I always feel that achievement belongs to the elders, not the interest I pursue. So, during the winter break at the Canadian school, I resolutely bought a JAL ticket, packed my luggage by myself, flew to Japan alone and visited one of my former classmates who study abroad life.

Hokkaido’s climate felt like Vancouver…

During a 45-day trip from Tokyo City to Hokkaido in 1993, I stopped at an elegant hotel in Otaru unintentionally. Resting at a restaurant in Otaru, I ate an expensive and delicious strawberry cake US$15 (equivalent to NT$450 for a portion). At that time, there was a conspiracy thought in my mind: “What is its COST? What is the actual profit behind?!” Because of this persistent thought, after returning to Taiwan to visit relatives, I rushed back to Canada and quickly apply for the VCC of Pastry Art. It seemed to turn out that my executive ability is so powerful all the time (eager for foods)…lol

In the early years of Canadian vocational schools, there were international chefs & teachers came from various countries. After graduation, I also had strong requirements for the F&B places where I would practice in the future: “Supervisors and Chefs, there must be a combination of Eastern and Western elements in it! “That’s where I personally hit it off with the Sherwood workplace.

American Chef from New Orleans for foods promotions in 1996 at the Sherwood Hotel…incredible day on Valentine’s Day~

I only heard from a former colleague who said that Mr. Liu, the owner of the Sherwood Hotel, is the exclusive supplier of the Adidas brand in Taiwan. At that time, Mr. Achim von Hake, the German manager was the F&B’s leader, I am so proud to be part of team. Although I no longer return to the hotel industry, Mr. Achim, who appreciates and cherishes talents, still works for the Sherwood dedicated his efforts to attract worldwide outstanding talents to become a teacher-student friendship, and he is also one of the behind-the-scenes greatest heroes of the hotel.

Until now, I am very grateful for the guidance of Mr. Achim von Hake’s rich ideas. He also said that he is grateful to the Sherwood for giving him great freedom to develop and constantly expand his bold imaginations. “People will be willing to pay for high quality of products” he said. I always believe in it and that why European clients know Brothers Acrylic so well for half-century ,and I still work for this principle in family-business way.

In the digital age of cultural and creative outbreaks, the Sherwood Hotel will also be a historical catering legend, because it is innovative in the original intention, enriched in the process, and gorgeous in the ending. My former colleagues and I also hope that the Sherwood Hotel, which has resolutely turned around, will have a better investment target (if possible), and will create a better new situation in the future.

Best wishes to the Sherwood Hotel Taipei and to my idol Achim von Hake / GM. In the past 32 years of the Sherwood Taipei Hotel, everyone would always be proud of being a part of team. Many thanks for creating so many wonderful memories in our past working life.

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