For every thought that arises, one must be grounded in mindfulness and a positive mind in order to act. If you encounter great failure or damage, you must also review your original intentions. Because the evil thoughts at the beginning have already distorted the self-morality, and the subsequent development will not be the right way.

No matter how great the pain and suffering, it is one’s own fault, and one cannot blame others for anger. If you want to turn around from the bottom, you can only rethink the stop loss point, be responsible for the consequences of your misjudgment, and try to reverse it back to the normal track. Only when you do your best can you obey the destiny. Unexpected results always come after a crisis.

We cannot deny, nor can we pretend not to see, that Taiwan used to be the main driving force of the Asian economy, resulting in today’s isolation and helplessness, affecting the lifeline of the world economy. We must all reflect and look back and do our best to contribute to the betterment of the world.

Self-awakening requires wisdom and practice. Awaken your ego on a higher level.

Let’s keep working hard together with love!

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