2022-Tiger Year

2022/Jan/31 to Feb/6 is Taiwan national holidays.

Every new year, I will visit my former teachers and get a set of Spring-couplet (calligraphy) to wish my family good luck for a coming new year. Traditionally, two long strips should be stick on either side of the front door. However, I collect it as life treasure.

Spring-couplet like poetry:



TW well-known Literature of Professor: Tseng, Jau-Hsu. explained the meaningful spring-couplet:



Its means: Howling Tigers surprised the Four Mountains (Ancient four famous Mt in Asia)



Its means: When spring comes, thousands of mountains will eventually turn green again.

When personality cultivation has not yet reached maturity, or when the opportunity has not come, of course, you should immerse yourself in training and keep waiting for the time. But when will the right time come? It’s often no way to trace, and it happens suddenly. Therefore, we should be prepared at least in mind and attitude=Be ready all the time, so that when the opportunity suddenly comes, at least we can calmly say rock-shattering words with confidence. (As for what can be done further, it depends on the conditions at the time! We shall Never give-up.)

On New Year’s Eve (2022/Jan/31st = December 31st in the lunar calendar), every family will gather together for a reunion dinner. After dinner, people give red envelopes to children and the elders, wishing them good luck and longevity. Its bag also called Red-packet that has lucky money inside.

I wish everyone reading this article also get the best of luck in the future. Happy 2022 Lunar Tiger Year~

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