The Son of the Banyan Tree

The area of the school is around 63,332 square meters and surrounding by more than 200 of the Banyan trees. This school has a nickname in Taiwan: 〈The city of the Banyan tree〉and the students graduated from the school would called themselves as 〈The Son of city of the Banyan tree〉.

Son of 榕城((Rong-Cheng))之子

Its means: The son of city of the Banyan tree.

A few well-known persons who graduated from this school such as: Taiwan former President LEE and American forensic scientist, Henry LEE. (Another Video-speech in both Eng/Chin languages)

My younger brother, J. LEE was graduated from this junior school, too. He devoted his skill of computer science while staying at Microsoft in Seattle and is proud of being a part of Asia-developers for Window 95. This school, Da-Tong was the 1st WiFi service whole covered in Taiwan and 1st experimental e-bookbag for students in Taipei City that were sponsored by high-tech of Intel, Microsoft and MSI. It’s located in the central business area of Taipei City.

The fortuneteller said to my mom:「Your family will always live a place very close to the SUN…」It sounds so real…I used to live near the University of British Columbia on the west side of Vancouver and every time I drove home the sunset incredibly burning in my eyes. But now, I feel lucky to have these great views to appreciate & enjoy every sunset…

A hundred years ago, the school’s center of its playground had been a lake. And, my current living building was on a huge rock just like a dock of lake-port. Isn’t it amazing?! Not many people know its previous ancient look. Next article, an old story will be posted because of this school’s Dragon-pool that’s related to my novel…(time to draw again XD)…

I guessed that our mini school-city reflects its old memory that came from our ancient roots…the meaningful ancient tree of Banyan Tree: 榕城

It is raining today; however, my heart is filled with fortunate happiness. And, I hope U all love where you live.

Updated News: Harvard Summer Program in Taipei Taiwan.
I like Lukas to introduce Taiwan and foreigners love to play around here beautiful Formosa, he has a great sense of humor as a tour guider……please enjoy~

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