Leather Art

In 2013, I made some leather crafts. To be honest, women’s fingers might not be very interested in making such works of art…but…in this difficult time of staying at home (C-19), DIY handmade crafts may be a good way to create more happiness.

Leather bags are always combined with other materials…such as metal parts or logo buttons, or even sewing materials. My mama likes to challenge my abilities and her smile usually shows her satisfaction. I guessed that she probably felt proud of having a daughter like me…could full fill her greedy wishes like X’mas tree..XD..She is 80 years old now but still looks like 60…(remember to buy Sisley facial lotion for your mama, too)…haha~She carried the bag to Taipei 101-building, so cute like a kid…XD…

I bought a dress for demonstrating this bag…I must be insane that year…XD…

Just showing some of my toolbox…they looks so Men’s stuffs…Above artwork, using knife to draw on leather skin were not easy…and later step with hammer were crazy noisy. I will recommend U that better to work inside garage. All my experiences to share, I feel that no need to achieve every perfection all the time, just enjoy doing it~

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