It’s been 25 years now. Ten years ago, one of my high school classmates told me that this story is true, and she confirmed to make sure that my instincts are correct.

That year in November, when I were 27 years old, I flew to New York for a 45-day holiday. My high school classmate, Jane was studying at New Paltz State University. She invited me to live in her suite. At the same time, I also made a lot of friends over there.

One morning, Jane went to school and I was about to carry the laundry basket to the basement laundry room to wash my dirty clothes. When I stepped onto the basement stairs, I felt a chill. Because it was daytime, I walked into the basement without fear. The small windows in this basement are high, so basement looked pretty dark. Unlike my house in Vancouver, the viewing window in the basement is only waist height. The windows and garden are very bright usually.

Jane rented the suite that is a three-story house, so the basement is designed to be deeper. It may be that there is not enough light. At first, I felt cold and got goose bumps on my arms. I hurriedly threw the dirty clothes into the washing machine, hurriedly sorted out and rushed upstairs. Feeling a bit unusually cold, I hid under the quilt to keep warm and slept until noon. I thought, “the sun is shining at noon, shouldn’t ghosts come out?” So, I plucked up the courage to walk into the basement, another damp wind came in, I got panic a little bit. When the dryer machine was preset, I quickly ran upstairs. Two hours later, although I wanted to go downstairs to take out the dried clothes, I really didn’t have the courage to go down to the basement alone. Delayed until the afternoon, waiting for Jane to return to the suite after school.

I made a table of food and chatted with Jane while eating.

I asked Jane: “The basement is a bit weird cold; can you accompany me down to get clothes after dinner?

Jane replied to me: “Okay!

Because of her simple answer, I thought maybe I think too much.

When we walked to the stairwell in the basement together, Jane suddenly stopped on the stairs. She hugged the big wooden pillar and said: “I am waiting for you here, and you go down by yourself. I will look at you here and wait until you are ready to go up the stairs together.

The sudden behavior of Jane’s reaction aroused my suspicion. “Is there really a ghost in this basement?” I had to go down bravely, I opened the door of the dryer and squat down to take out all the clothes then put them into basket quickly.  Every movement I acted more numb my scalp created. When I turned and walked back, I got goose bumps on my arm again. I almost ran up the stairs, Jane turned around and somehow she ran up, too. Back in the bedroom, Jane still pretended to be okay and told me not to think too much. Maybe my skin felt cold when it was just about time to snow in winter.

This suspicious matter dragged on until 15 years later, when Jane and I met again in our hometown in Taiwan. She told me a secret frankly: The year we stayed together in New Paltz, she was troubled by her eyes of yin and yang, and she was a novice psychic. When I went to the basement, she saw this scene. In fact, she didn’t know how to deal with it, because there were seven to eight ghosts standing in two rows, bending down to see what I was doing. (I was standing in the middle of them!!! ~”~ Oh my mother ~my GOD~~~)

I asked Jane why didn’t tell me immediately. She said she worried about me (she said I might be afraid of ghost…), and she also wanted to know why those ghosts dare not approach me. Because I had the motion of turning around quickly, the ghosts also had the motion of backing quickly. I laughed; their reactions just confirmed my intuition.

(PS:…I tried to make an image in comic way…BUT~digital pen brush got stuck and PC was out of order. Maybe…unseen stuffs shall be always invisible …never disturb)

Actually, I can’t see the unseen, but I am an extremely sensitive person can feel the existence of the negative energy. I have read some books of Dr. Brain Weiss and Jungian psychology, read hundreds of spiritual books for the past 7-year, and even listened to lectures by several Asian religious masters. Later on I did realized a key point…….:

People will generate positive energy because of mindfulness, positive behavior just like the generation of positive energy. This positive energy is the most uncomfortable fear factor for ghosts.

Train yourself in moral way and be positive all the time.
Happy Halloween © All Rights Reserved.


  1. Goosebumps mean you have the intuitive gift of clairsentience, which is the body sensations we feel when there’s an energy amiss! 🙂 ALWAYS trust it!

    The first intuitive thoughts/ “downloads”/ things you just know not knowing why you know them, is called claircognizance. Always trust that too!

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