Cake art

I decided to pick up this skilled program instead of studying in UBC, because one trip I went to Japan & ate a very Expensive strawberry cake in hotel. I remembered that a piece of cake /priced USD$15.- (Screaming~”~) During that period of time, I assumed: “This will be a HUGE market~”

In 1993’… Vancouver Community College – Downtown Center gave me a lot of opportunities to create my dreams of ART decorations. Above of displays were I made in school and I also accepted orders from school Bakery Shop. All of those had become my hands-on practical experiments and also as my portfolio.

This wedding cake…most of work I did, but I had a male-classmate who assisted to finish the Green Roses. These colors of roses were picked up by the bridal and…..we had no comment about it~(Actually~we couldn’t have had any opinion, as long as the bridal were happy & satisfied with final product~YES…she was SO happy & gave us great gift & TKS message as her feedback^^”)

I also wanted to thank this Association gave me a chance & VCC instructor appointed JCLee to decorate this HUGE plate of Sugar ART. More people to celebrate the more people to eat this HUGE Cake with joyful smiles…I did not expect too much after work but their happiness meant a lot to me…although they did not know who did it in fact behind the scene.

Thanks to all those wonderful memories & people I met in Canada. Although I am currently stuck in Taiwan, it always have LOVE every where & wherever you stay.

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