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Story Board of My Cool AI Lover

This is a short story for participating a contest of developing TV dramas. Total in 17848 words and completed in 5-chapter. Brief description as below :

男主角 : 顧漢生 (Dr named Han-Sheng = Handsome ^^)


Google Translate:

Because of the global epidemic, Han Sheng must travel to North America frequently to study the virus, and still live asexually separated after marriage. The haze of the loss of his mother in Han Sheng’s childhood led to a negative view of marriage, conflicts and struggles in avoiding marriage between the sexes. And the hurt of ups and downs of human instinctive emotions, he gradually being guided & healed by the beauty of AI lover.

AI女主角 : 任翎羽 (Ling : AI lover/Assistant)


Google Translate:

The ex-wife, Ren Ziy-in, developed a technological AI housekeeper, reported the special project to the company, and also allocated a self-designed and optimized robot secretary to her husband Han Sheng. She made it to take care of her husband overseas. She also had a affair with her manager because of work. After the divorce, she left the AI ​​assistant alone with Han Sheng and let AI lover continued to accompany him for further healing.

Q&A after Free-reading…

Readers asked JCLee:

It is hard for a man to chase a woman. If the story would change in another way…?

Oh~ yes ! That would be easier & perfect ! My drawing tells everything~^^ Let’s keep writing & fighting on BED~haha…

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