Pastry art

I miss my Gingerbread House very much…

I completed the basic Sanitation program for Food Handlers in 1993′ @ Vancouver, BC Canada. Then, the next year to finish the Baking & Pastry Art program in downtown Campus of VCC.

Later next two years, I also accomplished most of chocolate & sugar-art programs while hanging around countries for the field of hospitality industry. I believed that I was right about this 1st career of decision because it ran for the following 20-year amazingly.

The prosperous Vancouver City seemed have something in common with Taipei city so that I had my own goal in my mind. At least, I picked up a joyful & professional technical courses and I assumed that it also keep comforting my life currently.

Do not think too much, just do it~

I love ART whatever it is.
I had studied ESL in PLI / VCC & UBC before while being a student. After schools’ life, I kept working and travelling aboard. I hereby want to thank to all of instructors who had taught JCLee in Canada. Hopefully, they keep staying young & healthy.

If you are also interested in learning these basic technical skills via internet, please follow up 101wt then I may share some of my experiences in the near future.

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