INK painting

The Master of INK painter : Professor Ke-Mei LEE

Professor Lee Ke-mei is an all-rounder who is proficient in ancient Chinese poetry and traditional calligraphy and ink painting. Thousands of his ink paintings are collected by the Chicago Museum in the United States, the Center for Asian Studies at St. John’s University in New York, also collected by Panama, Germany, Swedish Museums, and many other Art museums. In addition, French City Art Museum and Konkuk University Museum in South Korea collected his artworks.

Several years ago, the master K.M. Lee established “Fuxing Painting Academy” in Taiwan and the principal goal is to teach students for developing ink painting and calligraphy.

Famous master of Ink painter: Ke-Mei Lee / Professor

As one of his students, I think the hardest part of learning ink painting is that paintbrush in one direction across silky soft paper, there are at least five color levels from light to dark in a stroke. Vivid vibes, press a paint brush harder or swipe up lighter smoothly, deep kung-fu emerge for every stroke of paint brush! If you do not practice regularly, it is hard to sense the soul of your fingertips. This is how I felt; however, you may try at home by watching video. Perhaps, it’s not that difficult for you ^^.

The master said that in addition to calligraphy and ink painting, he also practices Tai-Chi and Qigong to maintain good health. Right now, he is 93 years old and still devote himself in art of Ink-painting.

And, his daughter also an Artist: Te-Chen LEE

Te-Chen LEE is a great helper to her father and a well-organized manager to handle all of ART social activities. She is a very kind and lovely woman, a well-known teacher in the Art field,too. Both of them have been my instructors while at my age of 18 before immigration. I felt grateful and great honor to be one of their students.

Through the courtesy of their support, these displaying artworks above are provided by family LEE. We reunited 32-years later in 2020, the master LEE recalled that JCLee “is a faster learner and has potential of being a master of imitator” XD…Oh my God!! It’s good or bad?! For the best or the worse, we are organizing an ART association locally. we hereby share our joyful paintings and let more western people to see the different culture of Asian art. Hopefully U all enjoy it. ~Cheers~

My first ink painting was lost in 2003′ when I lived in the Kitsilano area of Vancouver, Canada. Master Lee said that JCLee reached the professional level at the age of 18… Only 3 months of study…
OS: If anyone finds it in Canada, it will be well worth it…maybe^^

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  1. I love the way you talk about the Kung Fu that emerges from learning how to simply brush the ink onto the paper, with so many different tones of color and saturation. It really is something like Tai Qi, it looks easy until you try to imitate it!

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